a quickie

Shoe turned right, when he oughta shoulda turned left. he walked a ways, searching, yearnin'. the call had come, an it was sayin' "get some food in yerself, quicklike." no time for gettin' all a sit down an loiterin', but yet too much time to just grab one o they dodgy sang-wiches from the conbini. whats a poor shoe ta do?

set hisself up wit a hakata B, thats what. the marukin, in the kiba. this was a flash grab an dash bowl, which is pretty easy to do wit the skinny noodles n all. as far as hakata bowls go, it was in the upper meh range, not exactly dy-namic or a-mazin. shoe did sqeak in a kaedama none-the-less, jus cos.

three fillin' stations for the marukin.

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